Jahans Wedding Services | Sweets Display
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There is no such thing as too much dessert at a wedding!

A luxury dessert table spread at your wedding can be decor centrepiece, not to mention a delicious one too! Delight your wedding guests with a unique culinary dessert table experience they will never forget. A large breath taking stunning sweet feast for you to indulge in and enjoy!

Treat your guests with a culinary experience that they will never forget. Individually designed desserts to complement and enhance your special day.

We also have other sweet treats like a doughnut wall, Ferrero Rocher heart or pyramid display stand. Ferrero Rocher displays look amazing at all functions and parties and your guests will love them, they come complete with around 200 chocolates. A doughnut wall creates the perfect backdrop to a dessert station and displays your sweets in a beautiful way on your big day. Doughnut wall comes complete with around 80 delicious doughnuts.

During your consultation, we can identify your needs and can provide you with a quote.  So give us a call or contact us.